Hi! Welcome to my webspace. This is where I showcase my latest work and accomplishments.

I'm a passionate third year mechatronics engineering student at the University of Waterloo. I love robots and enjoy working on personal projects. I am especially interested in integration engineering and how a polished product comes to be.

Current Project: Modular Wireless Datalogger

A WiFi enabled datalogging platform. Broadcom/ARM SoC interfacing with numerous MEMS sensors, over I2C and SPI, logging evironmental metrics to an on-board micro SD card.

This is my personal project, which is a spin-off from the work I was doing last term in Singapore. The hardware platform I worked on has been featured on the National Research Foundation (NRF) of Singapore's website. You can find more information here. It is based on an open source platoform by Spark, the Photon.

Next iteration of datalogging platform

Incorporates the latest SoC, with a powerful 120 MHz ARM Cortex M3 and Broadcom Wi-Fi.

Older generation board

Initial prototype for verifying schematic and board design.

Previous Projects: eBots

Over the second half of 2014, I set out to commercialize my previous work on robots in the SUTD labs.
Visit www.edgebotix.com for more information.
By the end of 2014, my co-founder and I had successfuly created a product we were both proud of and had produced 50 working units.

Final version of eBot PCB

eBot PCBs were drawn and manually routed in EAGLE. They were sent to a PCB-Assembly manufacturer in China, where they were tested with our testing procedures.

eBot Body

I designed the structural body for the eBots using Autodesk Inventor. The bodies were vacuum casted in China.

Packaged, ready to ship

I also developed the product packaging and interfaced with chinese suppliers to manufacture a custom solution.

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